"There is no greater gift one can offer than the energy of unconditional love." - B. Joy (Joy's Way)

If you are looking for a way to connect, open, enhance, and balance the body... "The Chakra Connection" may be the answer for you.  The Chakra Connection is an exercise developed by Dr. W. Brugh Joy. 

Background: Dr. W. Brugh Joy was a distinguished and respected member of the Los Angeles medical community when he contracted a life-threatening disease that caused him abruptly to give up his medical practice.  Six weeks later, after an illuminating meditation, his illness was cured.  Dr. W. Brugh Joy awakens people to miraculous abilities associated with energy fields that radiate from the human body and offer exercises and techniques that allow others to feel this energy field and transfer energy to others in a way that potentiates healing.  

Indications for using the Chakra Connection:
*  Balance the body and energy field
*  Pre and Post medical or surgical procedures
*  Promote relaxation
*  Diminish pain
*  Reduce anxiety
*  Following radiation or chemotherapy

Chakra Connection
Is a major, full-body intervention used in Healing Touch. It works to balance both the major and minor chakras. (See charts below.)   The exercise emphasized in this post will concentrate on "Self Chakra Connection", but the same techniques may be used on another person (with similiar hand positions).  When doing the exercise, you may touch the area, hover over the position, or simply use your mind (intention) to send energy.  For fun, you may want to rate your pain and/or anxiety level pre and post treatement... this will let you know how effective the exercise really is!

1. Relax and center yourself.  You may do this by taking a few long deep breaths and letting go of all thoughts.  Imagine a line of light that starts around your lower abd and then runs straight down into the ground and connects to the Earth at a center point.  Then from this same center point, send light upwards in your body to a center point in the heavens.  This will bring about an awareness of connectedness to God and to the present moment. 
2. Hand positions for Chakra Connection - Click here (directly from HTI website). At each position, allow the energy of love and light to flow through to the area(s) of focus with intention of highest good. Again, this exercise will focus on the major and minor chakras. If you want to increase focus and energy to the areas,  you may choose to combine use an essential oil, sound, element, or color that correlates with each chakra.  (See chart below on right for correlation.)
3. Hold each position until a balance of energy is noted. This can be felt intuitively and typically occurs within a minute or so.
4. Then enjoy the feelings that this transformational exercise creates!

Chakra Connection is a technique used by practitioners of Healing Touch. 
(Information from HTI website: Click here for link and book "Joy's Way" (1979).
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